He graduated from “Galatasaray Lisesi” (Lycée de Galatasaray). He  finished Sorbonne (Department of Theatre) in 1981. He worked in Paris State Conservatory at the Pierre Vial Atelier.  Then, he  worked with Mehmet Ulusoy / Theatre de Liberte in Paris between 1978/83 in:

-The Death of The Boss  Dario Fo

-Why Did Benerci Kill Himself?  Nazım Hikmet

-Pantagruel  F. Rebelais

-Dead Souls  N.Gogol

Since  1982, he has staged plays in Theatre a Venir (which is established by Işıl Kasapoğlu), in funded and private theatres.

                  1983                              He established Theatre a Venir.

1984                              Unce Upon A Time I. Kasapoğlu /  Chaillot State Theatre / Paris

1985                              Nasreddin Hodja I. Kasapoğlu / Theatre a Venir / Paris

1986                              Rock a Fils I. Kasapoğlu / Chaillot State Theatre / Paris

                                       Grimmoire De Grimm R. Soudee /Theatre a Venir / Paris

                                       Time in Time I.Kasapoğlu /Theatre a Venir / Paris

1987                              The Servant of Two Masters C. Goldoni /İstanbul Municipal Theatre

                                                                       Ministry of Culture Best Director Award

1988                              The Guest Bilgesu Erenus /Theatre a Venir / Paris

1989                              My Little Crook S. Wenström-Zeynep Avcı/Theatre a Venir/Paris

1990                              King Lear W.Shakespeare / İstanbul Municipal Theatre

                                                                       Avni Dilligil Best Drector Award

1991                              The Government Inspector N.Gogol / İstanbul Municipal Theatre

                                       The Actor G.Sururi / Gülriz Sururi Theatre

1992                              Abelard and Heloise R.Duncan / Theatre de Cluny / Paris

                                       One For the Road Harold Pinter / Theatre Guichet Montparnasse / Paris

1993                              Peace Aristophanes / Bakırkoy Municipal Theatre

                                                                      Union of Theatre Critics İstanbul Jury Award

1994                              Macbeth W.Shakespeare / Diyarbakır State Theatre

                                       Fear Orhan Asena / Diyarbakır State Theatre

                                       The Merchant of Venice W.Shakespeare / Trabzon State Theatre

                                                                      Union of Theatre Critics İstanbul Jury Award

1995                              Twelfth Night W.Shakespeare / Diyarbakır State Theatre

                                       Dump T. Nar / Theatre Studio

                                       Measure for Measure W.Shakespeare / Diyarbakır State Theatre

                                                                      Union of Theatre Critics İstanbul Jury Award

1996                              Hysteria T. Johnson / Theatre Studio

                                       Abelard and Heloise R.Duncan/ Aksanat Production Theatre

                                       He established Aksanat Production Theatre with Tilbe Saran and Cüneyt Türel

1997                              Gılgamış Z.Avcı / Ankara State Theatre

                                       The Bear A.Çehov / Adana State Theatre

                                       Antigone Sophocles / Academy İstanbul 

                                                          He established İzmit Municipal Theatre and became the Art Director of the theatre

                              1997-98                         Hamlet W.Shakespeare / İzmit Municipal Theatre

                                       The Creditors A.Strindberg / Aksanat Production Theatre

                                       The Wedding A.Çehov / İzmit Municipal Theatre

                                       The Devils J.Whiting / Academy İstanbul

                                       Cyrano de Bergerac E.Rostand / İstanbul State Theatre

                              1999                               Molly S. B.Friel / Aksanat Production Theatre

                                                                      The House of Bernarda Alba F.G.Lorca / Academy İstanbul

                                                                      Short Plays A.Çehov / Academy İstanbul

                                                                      Roberto Zucco B.M.Koltes / İzmit Municipal Theatre

                              2000                               Richard III W.Shakespeare / Ankara State Theatre

                                                                      Nasreddin Hodja I.Kasapoğlu / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                                      Unce Upon A Time I.Kasapoğlu / Akbank Theatre for Children

                                                                      To be Loved Bilge Karasu / Aksanat Production Theatre

                                                                      Afife Jale Theatre Awards Best Director Award

                                                                      Tiyatronline Audience Awards Best Director Award

                                                                      The Memorandum Vaclav Havel / Academy İstanbul

                                                                      The Hat T. Cücenoğlu / İstanbul State Theatre

                                                                      The Seperation T.Kempinski / Play Atelier

                              2001                               Knepp J.Goldenberg / Aksanat

                                                                      Neyzen T.Cücenoğlu / Tiyatro Kare

                                                                      Unce Upon A Time I.Kasapoğlu / İzmit Municipal Theatre

                                                                      Model Crimes Max Aub / Academy İstanbul

                                       Stories of Efresiyab İ.O.Anar – Adapted by: Zeynep Avcı / İstanbul State Theatre

                             2002                                Me Anatolia Güngör Dilmen / Antalya State Theatre

                                                                      A City for One Behiç Ak / Aksanat Production Theatre

                                                                      Saints or Sinners A.Horowitz / Play Atelier

                                                                      White and Black Recital Zuhal Olcay / Play Atelier

                                                                      West Quay B.M.Koltes / Academy İstanbul

                                                                      He established Semaver Kumpanya/Çevre Tiyatrosu.

                                                                      Twelfth Night/ W. Shakespeare / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                                      The Irresistible Rise of Memo/ Zeynep Avcı /Semaver Kumpanya

                                                                      Council of the Birds/ Feridüddin-i Attar / Semaver Kumpanya

                            2003                                 The Miser/Moliere / Adana Devlet Tiyatrosu

                                                                      Dido and Aeneas /Henry Purcell / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                      The Miser/Moliere / Akbank Children Theatre

                                                      Murtaza / Orhan Kemal / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                      The Country/ Martin Crimp / İstanbul State Theatre

                                                      Fernando Krapp Wrote Me This Letter / Tankred Dorst / Aksanat Production Theatre

            2004                                 Much Ado About Nothing / W. Shakespeare / Adana State Theatre

                                                      Twelfth Night / W. Shakespeare / Trabzon State Theatre

                                                      Mem and Zin / Cuma Boynukara / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                      Lune / Carl Orff / Akbank Children Theatre

                                                      Diktat / Enzo Cormann / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                      The Miser/Moliere / Play Atelier

                                                      God Bless You Comedy  (Some Short Stories of Anton Çehov) / İstanbul State Theatre

                                      The Comedy of Miracles/ Most Production

            2005 - 2006                      Once Upon No Time / I. Kasapoğlu / Aysa Production Theatre

                                                        Tale in a Tale /  I. Kasapoğlu / Akbank Infant Theatre

                                                        Duck Endearments /  David Mammet / Akbank Production Theatre

                                                        The Animal Carnaval / Camile St. Sense / İş Sanat

                                                        Nathalie / Philippe Blasband / Aysa Production Theatre

                                                                     Trainspotting- Irvine Welsh / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                                     The Tempest - W. Shakespeare / Semaver Kumpanya 

                                                                     Alice in Wonderland–  L.Caroll / Akbank Produksiyon Tiyatrosu

                                                                     The Antilopes - Henning Mankell / Akbank Produksiyon Tiyatrosu

                                                                     The Wedding Ballad– Civan Canova / Theatre National – İzmir

                       2006- 2007                         Semaver and Kumpanya – Sait Faik Abasıyanık - Yavuz Pekman / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                                     Once Upon No Time - I. Kasapoğlu / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                                     Electra/ Sophocle/ İzmir National Theatre

                       2007- 2008                                A big Scream of Love  - Josiane Balasko / Aysa Production Theatre

                                                                     Executor no.14 - Adel Hakim / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                                     The Imaginary Invalid - Molière / Diyarbakır National Theatre

                                                                     In the Oldest Age of the World - Işıl Kasapoğlu / Diyarbakır National Theatre

                                                                     Peter Pan - Zeynep Avcı / Iş Sanat

                                                                     Mother Courage and Her Children- Bertolt Brecht / Semaver Kumpanya

                       2008- 2009                                          Human Landscape from my Country - Nazım Hikmet / Van National Theatre

                                                                     In the Oldest Age of the World - Işıl Kasapoğlu / Van National Theatre

                                                                     Just for you yo know! – Işıl Kasapoğlu / Iş sanat

                                                                     Educating Rita – Willy Russell / Adana National Theatre

                       2009- 2010                                          The Chronicles of Narnia -  Clive Staples Lewis / Ankara National Theatre

                                                                     The Premiere - Civan Canova / Konya National Theatre

                                                                     The Professional -  Dusan Kovacevic / Istanbul National Theatre

                                                                     Peer Gynt -  Henric Ibsen / Iş sanat

                                                                     Titus Andronicus - William Shakespeare adapted by Sinan Fişek / Semaver Kumpanya

                      2010- 2011                                           A Strand of Life – Anton Chekhov adapted by Yavuz Pekman / Semaver Kumpanya

                                                                     Murtaza - Orhan Kemal / Sivas National Theatre

                     2011- 2012                           Shadow of The Donkey - Haldun Taner / Antalya National Theatre

                                                                     Murtaza - Orhan Kemal / Adana National Theatre

                                                                     Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs– Grimm Brothers adapted by Yavuz Pekman / Iş sanat

                                                                     Quay West – Bernard Marie Koltes / Ankara Bilkent Theatre

                    2012- 2013                            Cyrano De Bergerac – Edmond Rostand / Ankara National Theatre

                    2013- 2014                            Hamlet – William Shakespeare / İstanbul National Theatre

                    2014- 2015                            Murtaza - Orhan Kemal / Diyarbakır National Theatre

                                                                     Diktat - Enzo Cormann / Diyarbakır National Theatre